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IRH-E Heating Panel
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Product #:

Length 26.5"
Width 4"
Depth 3"

FEATURES: IRH-E Series Infrared Radiant Heaters are of high quality construction, ensuring smart appearance and resistance to corrosion,longevity and ease of maintenance. The heaters are protected against unforeseen exposure to rain or water, having an IP65 waterproof rating which allows the units to be safely installed outdoors. This heater works well with more open spaces where a higher level of heat is needed.

CONTROL: IRH-E Heaters reach full operating temperature within seconds of activation. The units can be operated via individual switching or zone control. It is recommended to use the heaters with one of our many control modules.

DIRECT RADIANT WARMTH: IRH-E Series units aim radiant energy in a specific direction to warm people and objects in its path, instead of wasting energy trying to heat empty space.

COVERAGE: Each heater heats approximately 50 square feet with an optimal mounting height of 7 to 10 feet above the ground.

MOUNTING: IRH-E Heaters can be wall mounted, ceiling mounted or implemented in our Heated Shade Structures.


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