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ERH Heating Panel
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Product #:

Length 37.5"
Width 6"
Height 2.875" (with Bracket Tray)
Height 1.75" (without Bracket Tray)
Weight 14 lbs (with Bracket Tray)
Weight 12 lbs (without Bracket Tray)

FEATURES: ERH Series Electric Radiant Heaters are designed to provide optimal performance and aesthetic consistency. The heaters are IPX5 rated allowing for cleaning and unforeseen exposure to rain, as well as dust protection of critical components. ERH Heaters produce radiant heat at the invisible radiant waveband spectrum making it a non glowing radiant heater. This heater is designed for confined spaces and applications where the ceiling is low.

CONTROL: ERH Heaters take approximately 10 to 20 minutes to reach full operating capacity. The units operate simultaneously with the heaters connected to the control module with two heat settings, high and low, to provide accurate heating options for comfort and energy savings.

COVERAGE: Each heater heats approximately 25 square feetwith an optimal mounting height of 7.5 to 8.5 feet above the ground.

MOUNTING: IRH-E Heaters can be wall mounted, ceiling mounted (with various brackets available) or implemented in our Heated Shade Structures.


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