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Eco Friendly Restaurant Breakroom Barstools Emeco Broom 30 Barstool - Natural
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Width 17.25"
Depth 16.5"
Height 43.25"
Seat Height 30"
Weight 12 lbs


Emeco Broom Series Barstools:

Philippe Starck and Emeco came together to create a new chair that is reclaimed, repurposed, recyclable - and designed to last. The chair is made from 75% waste polypropylene and 15% reclaimed wood that would normally be swept into the trash. "Imagine", says Philippe Starck, "a guy who takes a humble broom and starts to clean the workshop and with this dust he makes new magic". That's why we call it Broom chair.

Composites are materials which combine and arrange various compatible elements into new, unique materials. All elements have different characteristics, sought-after advantages, and unique disadvantages, but by carefully joining various elements, new material composites can be created that solve problems left unsolved by traditional materials.

Wood polymers are composites made from reclaimed industrial polypropylene waste collected at the plastic manufacturing industry and reclaimed wood fiber, sawdust, or shavings from the lumber industry.

Wood Polypropylene (WPP) is often used for outdoor decks, footbridges, and fences where the material has a wood-like appearance while needing almost no protection to last a long life. By combining reclaimed polypropylene and reclaimed wood fiber, we continue to go further with a goal of repurposing waste while making things that last.

The Broom chair is made of a new composite of discarded industrial materials, reclaimed even before they enter the long waste - cycle that most recycled materials have to undergo today. By reclaiming the waste in its purest form we save natural resources and reduce energy at the same time. Together, the wood and polypropylene mix becomes a strong and durable composite called WPP. By using reclaimed waste instead of raw materials we reduce both waste and energy.


Reclaimed polypropylene and reclaimed wood fiber are sorted, ground and compressed into a wood-polypropylene composite called WPP.


The rinse flakes are roasted via a patented process to remove volatile organic content. Outer layers are then etched to remove impurities.


The flakes are mixed with glass fiber and non-toxic color before being melted down and injected into a mold. After loading the mold, the chair is formed, hollowed out by gas injection, tempered and cooled.

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