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Aluminum Vane Umbrella, Solid Color Style

Commercial Restaurant Umbrellas Aluminum Vane Umbrella Solid Color Style
Commercial Restaurant Umbrellas Aluminum Vane Umbrella Solid Color Style
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Height 88"
Diameter 7'
Weight 54 lbs

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Our Solid Color Style Aluminum Vane Umbrella add a touch of class and retro look to your outdoor setting.  Blending style and science, this umbrella boasts an aerodynamically designed tilt and features a patented swivel that allows the umbrella to withstand strong winds!  The swivel also permits easy turning of the umbrellas for maximum shade.  This aluminum vane umbrella is the only one of its kind that allows the canopy of the umbrella to easily swivel into the wind rather than being stationary and causing updrafts.  A sturdy 7' diameter frame with aluminum-alloy ribs and braces insure strength and lasting protection.  In addition, this umbrella only uses high grade extruded aluminum.  The patented swivel is custom made from aluminum to ensure durability and stability for the umbrella.

For this type of umbrella, all 40 vanes will be the same color.


  • 40 vanes
  • 4 braces
  • 4 ribs - 2 single, 2 double

LEAD TIME:  4 to 6 weeks

*Due to the nature of the product, this umbrella is only recommended for use with surface mount permanent umbrellas and only is warranted this way.

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