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5" Wall/Ceiling Mount Bracket
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Product #:

Length 32.5"
Width 2"
Height 5"

Wall/Ceiling Mount Bracket 140mm The Wall/Ceiling Mount Bracket enables the ERH Panel to be surface or wall mounted and retrofitted onto an existing structure. The longer bracket enables the heater to be at a more optimal level for higher ceilings or structures. The heater can be fixed at 0 degrees, parallel to the floor, rotated 12.5 or 25 degrees to surround an area, or 70 degrees for wall mounting. The length of the bracket arms is 140mm or approximately 5 inches. The heater is designed in a way to yield very minimal residual heat, enabling the heater to be only 3-1/2 inches away from the surface. Each heater is suitable to heat 25 square feet of space at a ceiling height of 8 feet to 9 feet.

Components Wall/Ceiling Bracket
Unit Bracket
Bracket Cover/Wiring Enclosure
Color: Silver

Dimensions Length of bracket arm: 5"

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