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Radiant Heater Maintenance and Cleaning Recommendations

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Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintenance Recommendations As a condition of the warranty, this system must be maintained and cleaned regularly. The period and nature of the maintenance requirements depends on the exposure of the Electric Radiant Heaters & Lights to climatic conditions and airborn pollutants (dust, fumes, sea air, etc). This system needs to be maintained as often as a window or a car if kept in the same environment.

Periodic Inspection of Heating and Lights The recommended period for inspections and cleaning should be no longer than 3 months. The periodic inspections are to include for build up of dust, insects, pollutants and salt deposits When carrying out the inspections, if any signs of the above are noticed, the cleaning recommendations should be followed. If in doubt, please contact Contract Furniture Company.

Additional Inspections Inspections should be performed immediately after an unusual or exceptional event, such as but not limited to the following: - storm with winds over 60km/h (35mph)
- impact that may damage ERH heaters and/or lights
- vandalism
- lightning strike
- earthquake

Cleaning Recommendations: ERH Heaters & Lights
- ERH heaters and lights should be cleaned regularly in order to maintain good appearance, high efficiency and long life.
- Gently clean the heaters and lights using a soft cloth or sponge, warm water and mild detergent (do NOT scrub the black face of ERH heaters). If maintained regularly, a light water spray (roughly 500mm from heater face) is sufficient to clean off any build up of residue on the black heater face.
- Use a soft spray setting and avoid pointing directly into heater ends.
- If close to the sea or polluted environment, rinse the ERH heaters and lights on a more regular basis to prevent corrosive salt and grime build up.
- Ensure that all components are well rinsed after cleaning.
- Rinse with water hose, or water saving gerni if water restrictions apply.
- Check local requirements regarding the use of water and/or cleaning agents in outdoor areas.
- Turn the Heating System on after final rinsing to dry and eliminate possibility of steam formation at a later date.

For further cleaning instructions please contact Contract Furniture Company at 800.507.1785.

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