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10" Wall/Ceiling Mount Bracket
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Product #:

Length 32.5"
Width 2"
Height 10"

Wall/Ceiling Mount Bracket 250mm The Wall/Ceiling Mount Bracket enables the ERH Panel to be surface or wall mounted and retrofitted onto an existing structure. The longer bracket enables the heater to be at a more optimal level for higher ceilings or structures. The heater can be fixed at 0 degrees, parallel to the floor, rotated 12.5 or 25 degrees to surround an area, or 70 degrees for wall mounting. The length of the bracket arms is 250mm or approximately 10 inches. The heater is designed in a way to yield very minimal residual heat, enabling the heater to be only 3-1/2 inches away from the surface. Each heater is suitable to heat 25 square feet of space at a ceiling height of 8 feet to 9 feet.

Components Wall/Ceiling Bracket
Unit Bracket
Bracket Cover/Wiring Enclosure
Color: Silver

Dimensions Length of bracket arm: 10"

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