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Introduction to Radiant Heating

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Radiant Heat For Your Restaurant, Hotel, or Country Club

What Is Radiant Heating? What Are The Benefits?

  • This system is the perfect balance of outdoor ambience, comfort and function. Unlike conventional heaters, the HeatRay system utilizes a unique and highly efficient invisible radiant heat design; the same as the sun's energy but without the harmful ultraviolet rays.

  • The HeatRay system provides evenly distributed radiant heat to warm people, without heating empty spaces or the surrounding air. The warmth of the HeatRays is also absorbed into all solid objects, such as table tops and chairs, which become comfortable to the touch.

  • This system is a revolutionary development, promoting outdoor comfort at low ambient conditions. It is economical to run, utilizing evenly-distributed highly efficient radiant heat.

  • The ERH Panels work as a system, not individually. Each system consists of a Heating Panel, Bracket, and Control Module based on the dimensions and need for your space. There are a variety of different mounting options to help better heat your outdoor area.

  • The innovative Umbrella System is a great solution to difficult heating problems associated with the outdoors, providing all weather protection, comfort and appeal. The system employs Electric Radiant Heating and Lighting integrated into the permanent membrane structure. The umbrella is made of heavy duty steel construction with a tropical grade membrane sheltering the elements and blocking harmful ultraviolet rays.

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