Restaurant Table Tops for Indoor Use

12 Questions to Ask When Buying Restaurant Table Tops

How many customers can be seated in my restaurant or bar dining space? What are the most common table top sizes?


What are the most common table tops sizes for a restaurant





It’s important to the overall look and feel of your restaurant to properly space plan, and to have enough flexibility in that plan to accommodate a variety of customer group sizes. Additionally, the wait staff needs enough room to serve guests.

For help in setting up your dining space, download a copy of our Design Your Space – Planning Guide

The most popular size table for two people is a 24” x 30”.

For four people, a 36” x 36” top is the most popular size.

If your restaurant has a bar, a 24” x 30” table top is still the most popular size for two people. However, a 36” round table is preferred in bars and pubs for seating four people.

For booth seating, a 30” x 48” table top is the preferred table top size, which seats 4 people comfortably.


How do I know which table base to use with my restaurant table top?

Choosing a table base for your restaurant table top





The great thing about purchasing individual table tops and bases is that you can mix-and-match to create a custom look that reflects the mood/ambiance of your restaurant.

For example, you can pair a planked wood top with a stainless steel base for a modern industrial look, or combine a granite top with an ornate black base for a classically sophisticated style.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of correctly pairing table top and base sizes by creating our “Table Top and Table Base Pairing Guide”. Download your free copy today and start planning your restaurant dining area.


What types of commercial restaurant table tops are for sale?

What types of commercial restaurant table tops for sale





Indoor Table Top Types

Outdoor Table Top Types

Planked Beech Wood Cultured Granite
Planked Oak Melamine
Resin Finish Wood Grain Faux Carrara Marble
Granite and Quartz FiberCrete Concrete
Acrylic FauxCrete Concrete
Padded Top Solo Designer Melamine
Drop Leaf Urban Textures Concrete
Laminate Faux Leather
Wood Inlay Faux Travertine
Wood Overlay Cultured Marble
Retro Aluminum Edge Faux Stone
Custom T-Mold Faux Teak
Butcher Block Solid Surface Laminate
Planked Maple and Oak Aluminum Slat
Durolight Melamine Stainless Steel
Industrial Style Teak Wood


I need high top restaurant bar tables. What should I do?

High top restaurant bar tables





High top restaurant tables (a.k.a. bar tables) are a great way to break up the visual landscape of your restaurant. Any table top can be made into a commercial bar table, simply by pairing it with a bar height table base or by purchasing a bar-height extension for a dining height table base.

Here are some bar table bases to pair with your restaurant table tops:


Does it matter which type of indoor restaurant tables I buy?

Buying table tops for your restaurant





Tables and chairs represent a big expense when opening a new restaurant. But – like commercial kitchen appliances – they are designed to last through daily high-volume use. The look and flow of your dining room will be heavily influenced by the tables and chairs you choose, so it’s best to put some thought into which type of restaurant table to buy.

For example, if you have a small restaurant with moderate pricing, such as a bistro, your overall atmosphere is well suited to restaurant tables and chairs that can create small, intimate setups. Choosing 24” or 30” round table tops will allow parties of 2 – 3 people to dine together. Good table top choices include granite, acrylic, or inlay wood.

Fine dining establishments will often use tablecloths on their dining tables, so a padded top table is ideal. Also, to maximize the dining space as well as customers’ comfort, a 30” x 48” rectangular table top that seats 4 (and can be pushed together with other tables to seat larger parties) would be a good choice of size.

Other considerations when choosing restaurant tables are:

  • Are you serving food on hot plates or platters? If so, it may be best to avoid wood table tops. Better choices would be granite or melamine, both of which will endure heat.
  • What is your budget for table tops?

Here you can compare pricing for our most popular restaurant table top size:

For a 24” x 30” table top
Planked Beech Wood $121.88
Standard Granite $182.65
Self-Edge Laminate $74.57
Economy Butcher Block $180.82
Durolight Melamine $90.52
Antique Ash Industrial $130.48
Antique Pine Industrial $99.08
Black Walnut Butcher Block $195.26
Engineered Wood $104.50
  • What is your lead time for opening or renovation? Custom restaurant table tops that are stained to order can take anywhere from 4 – 6 weeks to be hand-finished, properly dried, packaged for shipment, and then shipped to your location. Keep this in mind when choosing your table top type.

To learn which table tops and bases are in stock and ready to ship, you can call 800.507.1785 and speak with a Project Manager. There are quite a few varieties and sizes to choose from, that can ship to arrive within 1.5 – 2.5 weeks.


What is the American with Disabilities Act (ADA)? What are the ADA requirements for restaurants?

ADA requirements for restaurants





The American with Disabilities Act, or ADA, helps protect consumers with disabilities from discrimination and ensures that individuals with disabilities are able to dine or work at a restaurant as well as an able-bodied individual. The Department of Justice enforces the rules that apply to a restaurant’s building and facilities.

Please see the links below for specific national restaurant guidelines, as well as the ADA guidelines for California.

Reference: ADA Guidelines for Restaurants

Reference: California ADA Requirements

** NOTE: Any 36” or larger restaurant table top can be made into an ADA compliant table by pairing it with two T-bases.


How much space between the tables and aisles will I need for my restaurant?

restaurant space planning instructions





The amount of space designated as aisle ways between tables can vary within a restaurant, but there are some general spacing guidelines that will help you plan your dining area.

Some general guidelines include:

  • Allow 30” between corners on diagonal tables for customer access with a narrow aisle.
  • Allow 60” between square tables with back-to-back chairs for a 24” wide service area.

For helpful diagrams and a specific space allowance chart, download a copy of our Design Your Space – Planning Guide


How to clean granite or quartz restaurant table tops?

how to clean granite and quartz restaurant table tops





How to clean granite or quartz restaurant table tops:

  1. Use a soft, lint-free cloth

The tops are very durable and scratch resistant but not scratch proof. Use a soft cloth whenever cleaning granite or quartz so that you don’t scratch the surface.

  1. Use water and a mild water-based cleanser

Fill a clean spray bottle with an all-purpose water-based cleanser, or a pH-neutral cleanser designed for use on stone.

  1. Dry surface to avoid water spots or damage

While granite and quartz table tops are designed to be durable, it’s best not to leave standing water on the surface after cleaning. Dry your tops with a soft, lint-free cloth.


How to clean laminate, acrylic, or resin restaurant table tops?

how to clean laminate acrylic or resin table tops





How to clean laminate, acrylic, or resin restaurant table tops:

  1. Use a non-abrasive sponge or cloth

These tops are very durable and scratch resistant but not scratch proof.

  1. Use water and a mild cleanser/disinfectant

Fill a clean spray bottle with an all-purpose cleanser or disinfectant. Spray your table top and wipe. Light scrubbing is acceptable for stubborn stains and/or stuck on food.

  1. Buff lightly, not scrub

Minor scratches can be removed or reduced by buffing them out. Never use harsh brushes or cleansers to scour your table top surface.


How to clean wood restaurant table tops?

How to clean wood restaurant table tops





How to clean wood restaurant table tops:

  1. Use a soft cloth

Use a soft cloth whenever cleaning the wood top so as not to scratch the wood finish while cleaning.

  1. Wipe with the grain of the wood

Over time, this will help the natural pattern of the wood grain be even more beautifully displayed.

  1. Use a wood polish

Choose a wood polish that is designed for the finish of your table top. Try not to change brands often, as this could cause a cloudy buildup to form over time.

  1. Wipe up spills immediately

Though commercial wood restaurant table tops are well-sealed and designed for high-traffic use, the sooner a spill can be cleaned up, the less likely that the liquid will penetrate the finish and cause damage to your top.


Where to buy commercial quality restaurant table tops?

Where to buy commercial quality restaurant table tops





Contract Furniture Company is an ideal place to purchase commercial table tops for your restaurant or hotel. Not only do we have the largest collection of planked wood, resin, granite, acrylic, padded top, laminate, butcher block, t-mold, and melamine tops, we also sell our commercial-quality furniture at competitive industry prices.

It’s easy to search the internet for providers of restaurant table tops and to find a large selection of vendors. However, all commercial restaurant table tops and bases are not created equally – in general, you get what you pay for.

Many competitor sites try to pass off Grade B or C furniture as high-quality. At Contract Furniture Company, we sell only Grade A commercial furniture.

We stand behind our products, and our focus is on providing furniture of lasting value.


How are commercial restaurant table tops different from retail table tops?

How are commercial restaurant table tops different from retail table tops





  • Commercial furniture manufacturers take into account the high usage their furniture will undergo, and are held to stringent standards when designating furniture “commercial grade”.
  • A reputable commercial furniture manufacturer will use Grade A materials for their restaurant table tops, while a retail furniture manufacturer will use a lower, less expensive grade wood, resin, stone, and laminate.
  • Good contract furniture is constructed completely by skilled craftspeople, and the items are shipped from the manufacturing facility fully constructed – table bases are an exception to this rule. Most retail grade furniture is shipped KD (knocked down), which can lead to issues with structural integrity down the line.
  • Quality commercial furniture manufacturers will stand by their products with a replacement warranty, with the knowledge that their furniture will see a lot of usage. Because most retail furniture is designed for use in environments where it will see significantly less traffic, warranties often aren’t offered and/or generally don’t cover much.

Each of the restaurant table tops for sale on our site boasts a 1-year warranty against defects. That’s 365 days of daily commercial use to ensure that your commercial table tops are the right ones for you.


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