Mid-Century Modern Furniture: Defining MCM Design

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Mid-Century modern is a term used to define architecture,furniture, and graphic design from the middle of the 20th century.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Design     Mid-Century Modern Furniture






Mid-Century residential architecture was simply designed and quickly built. The style emphasized horizontal lines, featured many windows, and had an open flow from room to room. There was a fluid transition between the indoor and outdoor environments.

Furniture design of the time reflected the streamlined look of the home, with curves and geometric shapes replacing ornate detailing. By the early 1950s, the most iconic furnishings of the era featured the modern design we today refer to as Mid-Century Modern (or MCM) furniture.

Sculptura Mid-Century Modern Dining Chair
Sculptura Dining Chair

Mid-Century Modern 869-22M Table Base
869-22M Table Base

Jetson Mid-Century Modern Side Chair
Jetson Side Chair


Mid-Century modern’s emphasis on simplified form, the use of natural materials, and a blurring of the lines between indoors and out combines to create stylish, functional comfort. MCM is a style that marries organic and human-made design into one.

Elbow Mid-Century Modern Side Chair
Elbow Side Chair

Pei Mid-Century Modern Table Base
Pei Table Base

NLC Mid-Century Modern Dining Chair
NLC Dining Arm Chair


Mid-Century furnishings are stripped down to their essential forms, with little excess detailing. Rich wood and bold fabric are often paired, for a look that embraces the natural world with a touch of personal panache.

BS-475UR Mid-Century Modern Bar Stool
BS-475UR Bar Stool

WC-1077 Mid-Century Modern Side Chair
WC-1077 Side Chair

BS-489UR Mid-Century Modern Bar Stool
BS-489UR Bar Stool


Central ideals of Mid-Century designers were to enjoy a minimalistic life while rediscovering a lost connection with nature. With the uptick in sustainable design practices over the last 15 – 20 years, it’s fitting that these ideals have once again gained popularity.

Broom Mid-Century Modern Bar Stool
Broom Recycled Bar Stool

Abbot Kinney Mid-Century Modern Side Chair
Abbot Kinney Side Chair

Broom Mid-Century Modern Side Chair
Broom Recycled Side Chair


Why does MCM furniture continue to be popular with manufacturers and consumers alike? Because Mid-Century furnishings are well-made, timeless, and the designs still feel relevant to today’s interiors. Thus, the market for Mid-Century modern furniture has endured into the 21st century.

Bernard Mid-Century Modern Lounge Chair
Bernard Lounge Chair

CFC-1084 Mid-Century Modern Side Chair
CFC-1084 Side Chair

Draper Mid-Century Modern Side Chair
Draper Side Chair


“Familiarity is also a factor in midcentury’s enduring popularity. Baby boomers who grew up with midcentury designs are [in] the market for both the originals and the reproductions. For this generation, the designs are a direct connection to their youth.” (Curbed, April 2015)

Cantilever Mid-Century Modern Arm Chair
Cantilever Arm Chair

3098P Mid-Century Modern Bar Stool
3098P Bar Stool

Van Dyke Mid-Century Modern Arm Chair
Van Dyke Arm Chair


It’s hard to argue with the appeal of Mid-Century Modern furniture – it’s streamlined, sleek, functional with great form, and can be customized for a fully retro look or brought into modern day with on-trend fabric colors and patterns.

CFC262 Mid-Century Modern Arm Chair
CFC-262 Arm Chair

Neutra Mid-Century Modern Table Base
Neutra Table Base

Kristi Mid-Century Modern Side Chair
Kristi Side Chair


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