Dining Commons Furniture Purchasing Guide

Dining Commons Furniture Guide

Dining Commons Furniture Purchasing Guide

University Dining Commons

As the place where students gather to eat and socialize, the university dining hall should offer seating that is comfortable, durable, and attractive. When it comes to choosing Dining Commons furniture it’s best to keep some of these details in mind:

  • Round tables encourage discussion and socialization
  • Rectangular tables offer the opportunity for socialization, but also allow students a surface on which to study when needed
  • Stackable chairs make for easy set-up and takedown
  • Large communal tables can be dining height (encourages space to spread out texts/notes/etc.) or bar height (which promote a more social atmosphere)

Corporate Dining Areas

A corporate dining commons is a major benefit for company employees. It can become the hub of a company, a place that brings employees together to socialize and share ideas. Designing this area to also serve as a collaborative space allows it to get more use throughout the day. Corporate dining areas boost employee morale and help to discourage long lunches away from the office.

Employee Break Room Furniture

Break rooms encourage a mental and physical break from the daily grind of the office and so should be comfortable, well-appointed spaces. Follow these guidelines and you will have a space that is appreciated by your employees, which may just make them more productive:

  • Make it a collaborative space by including tables and chairs that can easily be reconfigured
  • Ensure that your employees want to use the space by choosing comfortable, attractive furniture
  • Differentiate the space from the rest of the office by using a different color scheme
  • Offer small perks such as free coffee, healthy snacks, and recyclable cutlery and dishes
  • Include fresh air and natural light whenever possible, as both help to increase mental awareness and energy

Film Studio Commissary Furniture

Most film studios have two levels of food service — cafeterias for a quick sandwich, and a dining room for more leisurely meals. While the furniture shown below would work for either setting, it’s the dining experience that our furniture is best suited to.


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