Commercial Wrought Iron Furniture

Answers to Your Questions about Commercial Wrought Iron Furniture

What is wrought iron furniture?  

What is Wrought Iron Furniture
  • The word “wrought” is a past participle of the verb “to work,” and so “wrought iron” literally means “worked iron”. Wrought iron can take on decorative curves and twists because of its malleability.
  • Wrought iron is tough, malleable, corrosion-resistant and easily welded. Due to the variations in iron ore origin and manufacturing techniques, wrought iron can be inferior or superior in corrosion resistance.
  • Wrought iron furniture has a rough surface, so it can hold platings and coatings better. It is very heavy and will not tip over or blow away easily, making it a great choice for windy environments.

Why should I buy wrought iron furniture?

Why Should I Buy Wrought Iron Furniture
  • There are a number of reasons to purchase wrought iron furniture. The first is that it is very strong and substantially built – high winds won’t knock it over, and rowdy customers won’t shove it around your outdoor dining area.
  • Along those lines, it’s also extremely durable. Wrought iron furniture is known for being almost unbreakable, meaning that if taken care of properly it will last for years.
  • Another benefit of wrought iron chairs and tables is that, because the metal is so malleable, intricate designs can be added to what might otherwise be a nondescript piece of furniture. If you want to turn heads, you can’t go wrong with wrought iron furniture.
  • Quality wrought iron furniture can be pricier than resin or aluminum furniture alternatives, but your return on investment is exceptionally high with wrought iron – it will endure many years of commercial use, given proper upkeep.

Can wrought iron furniture be left outside? Does wrought iron furniture rust?

Can wrought iron furniture be left outside
  • Wrought iron furniture can be left outdoors year-round, provided it is cared for properly, but does require some care to prevent rust and increase corrosion resistance.
  • Quality wrought iron furniture is specially treated with weather-resistant finishes that help seal out moisture and prevent rust.
  • Our Designer Series wrought iron furniture is purified and dipped into a bath of zinc phosphate rust inhibitors during the finishing process. An electrostatic coating is then applied to create a permanent seal that locks out rust.

How is commercial wrought iron furniture different from retail wrought iron furniture?

How is Commercial Wrought Iron Different From Retail Grade
  • Commercial furniture manufacturers take into account the high usage their furniture will undergo, and are held to stringent standards when designating furniture “commercial grade”.
  • Unlike retail grade, commercial grade furniture is manufactured to withstand a minimum of 250 pounds. Often, the weight limit exceeds this.
  • With commercial furniture, the amount of time an item takes to burn during a fire is strictly measured. There are fire code restrictions on fabrics and furniture in a commercial space – see TB 117 and TB 133 for specifics. These restrictions apply to any cushions that might be placed on your wrought iron patio furniture.
  • All fabrics and upholstery used in commercial furniture undergoes fabric tests, to ensure that it won’t wear thin too quickly. The contract (commercial) upholstery minimum rub count is 15,000 double rubs, with the most fabrics falling between 15,000 and 30,000 on average. For retail grade fabrics, between 3,000 and 9,000 double rubs is considered standard.
  • A reputable commercial furniture manufacturer will use Grade A wrought iron for their outdoor furniture, while a retail furniture manufacturer will use a lower, less expensive grade iron.
  • Good contract furniture is constructed completely by skilled craftspeople, and the items are shipped from the manufacturer facility fully constructed. Most retail grade furniture is shipped KD (knocked down), which can lead to issues with structural integrity down the line.
  • Quality contract furniture manufacturers will stand by their products with a replacement warranty, with the knowledge that their furniture will see a lot of usage. Because most retail furniture is designed for use in environments where it will see significantly less traffic, warranties often aren’t offered and/or generally don’t cover much.

Contract Furniture Company Offers the Following Commercial Warranties:

Wrought Iron Patio Furniture Designer – 5 years

Wrought Iron European – 3 years

Wrought Iron Café – 3 years

Wrought Iron Traditional – 3 years

Steel Frame Italian – 3 years

Steel Frame International – 3 years

Bistro Sets Metal Furniture – 1 year

Is wrought iron furniture always black?

Is Wrought Iron Furniture Always Black  Is Wrought Iron Furniture Always Black  Is Wrought Iron Furniture Always Black
  • Wrought iron furniture can be powder coated in a wide variety of color options, though it is important to use only high-quality powder coating. Otherwise, the finish may chip, crack, rust, or show other obvious signs of wear.

Does wrought iron furniture get hot?

Does Wrought Iron Furniture Get Hot
  • Wrought iron patio furniture can get hot when in the sun for extended periods of time, as is the case with any metal furniture.
  • Our European wrought iron collection has a patented frame finish that remains 30% cooler to the touch after long exposure to the sun, which ensures that your guests will be comfortable on sunny days.
  • One key feature of wrought iron furniture to consider is that, due to its open scrollwork and mesh design, cooling breezes are able to penetrate the furniture.

Is wrought iron furniture expensive?

Is Wrought Iron Furniture Expensive
  • Commercial wrought iron furniture can be pricier than materials such as aluminum or resin, but when taking into consideration the longevity and durability of quality wrought iron furniture, the cost difference is actually a smart investment.
  • All of our Grade A commercial wrought iron furniture is designed for lasting value. And, because we offer the largest selection of wrought iron patio furniture anywhere, we are able to offer highly competitive industry pricing to our end users.

How to clean wrought iron furniture?

How to Clean Wrought Iron Furniture
  • Wrought iron furniture should be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt and dust that accumulates.
  • If you notice rust forming, clean the area with mild soapy water, lightly sand the area, and then seal the affected area with similarly colored paint. However, we warranty our commercial wrought iron furniture against rust and other defects for a minimum of three years, so if you see rust forming during this time, simply contact us at 800.507.1785 and we will work with you to make it right.

Where to buy wrought iron furniture?

  • While there are many places you can go when looking to purchase commercial quality wrought iron furniture, only Contract Furniture Company has the largest collection of wrought iron chairs, tables, and benches available to you at competitive industry prices.
  • It’s easy to search the internet for providers of wrought iron furniture and to find a large selection of vendors. However, all commercial wrought iron furniture is not created equally – in general, you get what you pay for. Many competitor sites try to pass off Grade B or C furniture as high-quality. At Contract Furniture Company, we sell only Grade A commercial furniture. We stand behind our products, and our focus is on providing furniture of lasting value.

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