Commercial Aluminum Furniture

Answers to the Top 9 Questions about Commercial Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Does aluminum outdoor furniture rust?

Does aluminum outdoor furniture rust





Aluminum furniture is invulnerable to rust. When aluminum is exposed to air, oxide forms on the surface and creates a microscopic layer of defense against water. This is why aluminum outdoor furniture can withstand the elements and exposure to rain, sleet and snow without forming rust, allowing restaurateurs and hoteliers to leave it outside during the fall and winter without fear of damage. Powder coating aluminum outdoor tables, chairs, and table bases increases the weather-resistant properties of aluminum furniture. Though non-powder coated aluminum will not rust when exposed to water, it may form surface imperfections that cause the feel of the furniture to become rough and pitted, depending on the level of exposure to water over time.


Does aluminum outdoor furniture get hot?

Does aluminum outdoor furniture get hot





While aluminum furniture will become hot when left in direct sunlight, it will cool down relatively quickly once it is shaded and in the evening. Think of aluminum foil, which comes out of the oven piping hot, but quickly cools so that you can touch it. Outdoor furniture made of aluminum will be cooler overall than wrought iron or steel furniture.


What is cast aluminum outdoor furniture?

What is cast aluminum outdoor furniture





Cast aluminum furniture is formed by pouring molten aluminum into die cast molds. Typically, several of the frame components are created and then welded together to form the entire chair, table, or other furniture piece. Since it is not bent and shaped while it is cooling, cast aluminum is superior to wrought aluminum in durability and lack of imperfections. Cast aluminum furniture is slightly heavier than that made of wrought aluminum.


How long does aluminum patio furniture last?

How long does aluminum patio furniture last





Commercial aluminum patio furniture is designed to last for many years, and to withstand repeated use in high-traffic environments. Most of our aluminum furniture features a 3 – 5 year warranty for commercial use. It’s also important to note that your furniture will last longest when cared for properly.


Can aluminum outdoor furniture be recycled?

Can aluminum outdoor furniture be recycled





Yes it can. Aluminum furniture is eco-friendly in that it can be recycled at the end of its life. The EPA states that by recycling aluminum we offset 95% of the energy cost of processing new aluminum.


Is aluminum furniture expensive?

Is aluminum furniture expensive





Aluminum outdoor furniture is a cost-effective solution for hoteliers and restaurateurs looking to outfit a patio or pool area. The upfront cost is fairly economical, and because aluminum furniture lasts so long, you will get years of commercial use from your initial investment.


How to clean aluminum outdoor furniture?

How to clean aluminum outdoor furniture





To maintain the beauty of your aluminum patio furniture, regularly wash the surfaces with warm water mixed with a small amount of mild soap, and then dry with a soft towel. It is best to avoid commercial cleaners, as they can damage your furniture. If you wish to protect your aluminum patio furniture, try treating it with mild car wax, which will help protect your investment.


Where to buy commercial quality aluminum furniture?

Where to buy commercial quality aluminum furniture





Contract Furniture Company is an ideal place to purchase aluminum furniture for your restaurant or hotel. Not only do we have the largest collection of aluminum chairs, tables, bar stools, chaise lounges, lounge chairs and benches, we also sell our commercial-quality furniture at competitive industry prices. It’s easy to search the internet for providers of aluminum furniture and to find a large selection of vendors. However, all commercial aluminum furniture is not created equally – in general, you get what you pay for. Many competitor sites try to pass off Grade B or C furniture as high-quality. At Contract Furniture Company, we sell only Grade A commercial furniture. We stand behind our products, and our focus is on providing furniture of lasting value.


How is commercial aluminum furniture different from retail aluminum furniture?

How is commercial aluminum furniture different from retail aluminum furniture





  • Commercial furniture manufacturers take into account the high usage their furniture will undergo, and are held to stringent standards when designating furniture “commercial grade”.
  • Unlike retail grade, commercial grade furniture is manufactured to withstand a minimum of 250 pounds. Often, the weight limit exceeds this and the commercial furniture can support an even greater weight.
  • With commercial furniture, the amount of time an item takes to burn during a fire is strictly measured. There are fire code restrictions on fabrics and furniture in a commercial space – see TB 117 and TB 133 for specifics. These restrictions apply to any cushions that might be placed on your aluminum pool and patio furniture.
  • All fabrics and upholstery used in commercial furniture undergoes fabric tests, to ensure that it won’t wear thin too quickly. The contract (commercial) upholstery minimum rub count is 15,000 double rubs, with the most fabrics falling between 15,000 and 30,000 on average. For retail grade fabrics, between 3,000 and 9,000 double rubs is considered standard.
  • A reputable commercial furniture manufacturer will use Grade A aluminum for their outdoor furniture, while a retail furniture manufacturer will use a lower, less expensive grade aluminum.
  • Good contract furniture is constructed completely by skilled craftspeople, and the items are shipped from the manufacturing facility fully constructed – table bases are an exception to this rule. Most retail grade furniture is shipped KD (knocked down), which can lead to issues with structural integrity down the line.
  • Quality commercial furniture manufacturers will stand by their products with a replacement warranty, with the knowledge that their furniture will see a lot of usage. Because most retail furniture is designed for use in environments where it will see significantly less traffic, warranties often aren’t offered and/or generally don’t cover much.

Contract Furniture Company Offers the Following Commercial Warranties:

Aluminum and Teak Composite Furniture — 1 year

Aluminum Restaurant Patio Furniture — 1 year

Rattan Outdoor Furniture — 1 year

Cast Aluminum Furniture — 3 year

Aluminum Patio and Pool Furniture — 5 year

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