Booth Seating and Banquette Seating Guide to Benefits

As a restaurateur looking to open or renovate a restaurant, some primary goals are to conserve space and accommodate as many patrons as possible at one time. Customers are the lifeblood of your restaurant, so having a situation where they have to wait for extended periods of time can result in lost business and revenue. So how can a restaurateur accommodate customer groups of varying sizes and conserve space? The answer is to implement booth seating or banquette seating in your restaurant design as an alternative to standard chairs.

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Booth and banquette seating has several advantages for a restaurateur, such as:

  1. Efficient Use of Space – By implementing booth seating in a restaurant, the need for some of the aisle clearances that would normally arise with tables and chairs is eliminated. Booth seating will maximize the space in any restaurant.
  2. Compatible with Any Environment – Booth seating is perfect for any type of indoor restaurant environment. Although booth seating is ideal for casual dining restaurants, it can also be beneficial for formal restaurants such as steakhouses and high end dining establishments.
  3. Repurpose Uncommon Areas – Booth seating can be used strategically to maximize uncommon areas such as corners, along walls, or in areas where windows and alcoves are present. They excel in places where a standard table and chair setting might not work well.

Booth seating is perfect for maximizing uncommon areas of a restaurant (such as a wall, as illustrated in this photo)

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If you are thinking about having booth seating in your restaurant, consider these three ideas:

First, a minimum of 27 inches of space is required for booth seating. This ensures every person sits comfortably in the booth. The depth should be minimum 24 inches because this will leave space for an angled back or upholstered seating and the dining table should overlap each bench about three inches.

Second, if the booth or banquette will be situated in front of windows, be sure that the windows are a good 24 inches off the floor to compensate for a seat height of 15 inches. This does not include the height of the cushions.

Finally, an upholstered banquette in leather or pleather would be ideal. This type of material can be easily wiped down, and the possibility of the cushions falling off is eliminated. Fabric-upholstered cushions are difficult to clean, especially in a family-friendly restaurant.

As a restaurant owner it is imperative that you maximize space and minimize wait times at your new establishment. Booth and banquette seating takes care of that problem for you beacause it takes advantage of space, is compatible with any type of restaurant environment, and is great at repurposing uncommon areas such as corners, along walls, and areas with windows. Visit Contract Furniture Company’s website for a wide selection of booth and banquette seating for any formal or casual restaurant or hospitality establishment.

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