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  • IRH-E Series Infrared Radiant Heaters and ERH Series Electric Radiant Heaters provide superior close proximity heating, for both indoor and outdoor heating applications.
  • Available with a range of mounting options, the Heatray ERHs produce radiant heat - the same as the sun's energy - directly warming people and objects in its path. The units can be ceiling mounted, wall mounted, or integrated with shade structures for a truly unique outdoor dining experience.
  • Our outdoor heaters reach full operating temperature within seconds of activation, while our indoor heaters take approximately 10-20 minutes to reach full operating capacity.
  • Outdoor heaters heat approximately 50 square feet. Indoor heaters heat approximately 25 square feet.
  • IP65 waterproof rating ensures that the Electric Radiant Heaters can be exposed to rain and washed with a hose.
  • Approximate lead time of 3 - 6 weeks.

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